An overview of collaborative explorations, mini-projects, and rapid prototypes

How can we help refugees settle into their new home country?

GovJam 2015 — The NEW New Zealand Kit

refugee experience

Awarded the Most Viable Service at GovJam 2015 (a service design hackathon in Wellington), “The NEW New Zealand Kit” was my team's solution to help refugees in small and effective ways to assimilate into the communities where they are allocated. We talked with refugees services to understand the refugee journey from when they arrive in NZ and eventually are housed. We found insights on the difficulties in picking up a new language, filling out Government forms, and feeling part of their neighborhoods.

Watch the Pitch: Video


How might we reveal if government appointments and honors are given as rewards for political donations and candidates?

GovHack 2015 — The Lighthouse Project

investigative journalism

The Lighthouse Project was created as a part of GovHack New Zealand 2015. A team consisting of a data journalist, data scientist, programmer, and designer asked the question: Are government appointments and honors given as rewards for political donations and candidates? In this proof of concept we took appointments and honors data and matched it against selected donations and candidacy data. Check it out:


How can a patient-centered approach help doctors make better diagnoses for people with chronic conditions?

Hinz Health Hack 2015 — CLOO


A team of scientists, developers, designers, and patients came together to design an app that helps patients track their symptoms over time, in order to help reduce diagnostic delay while discussing their symptoms with their doctors.


How can tech be an enabler of mental wellbeing for busy young people?

Lifehack Labs 2014 — YOMO

youth mental health

Lifehack Labs was a 6-week social lab where a few young people we selected to explore this question through design thinking. My team created YOMO: ‘Your One Minute Of…..’ – a prototype using media to create powerful pauses during the day, leveraging mindfulness, and the ‘ways to wellbeing’. Read about our time at Lifehack Labs or check out our Kickstarter pitch. My teammates Alexanda Whitcombe and Michael Smith further explored its potential beyond the Labs.


How do we do recognize a pluriversal design practice?

Seminar Showcase CMU 2020 — Plurality in Practice

facilitated event

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How might university students imagine futures beyond the pandemic?

Intersect@CMU 2020 — Futurethon


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How might Patagonia reduce its textile waste by implementing circular economy principles?

BerkleyHass Case Competition 2020 — Patagonia RePurpose

circular economy

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How might we design safely for crypto password recovery?

IDEO CoLab Makeathon 2019 — Crypto Capsule


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